Fetal Monitor

• Color TFT folding color LCD : 7” color TFT
 folding LCD
• 9 crystal pulse wave Doppler transducer
• 152mm wide paper (US/International standard)
• Built-in rechargeable battery
• Accurate fetal movement detection and accounting
• Central monitoring interface
• Type8007 Options: Maternal SpO2, MHR, NIBP,
  Twin FHR


• Meets IEC60601-2-27:2005 and AMMI EC13:2002
• Integrated the 3 channels of ECG analog circuits,1 channel of respiration and 2 channels of body temperatures,
YSI400/YSI700 is available by software configuration.
• With cardiac output monitoring
• 13 arrhythmia analysis


• High accuracy, Very good repeatability
• Quick inflation and deflation
• Two pressure sensors, overpressure protection with hardware and software
• Can be used on neonates and infants


• Analog SpO2, perfusion rate is 0.1%.
• The safe and solid sensor with low radiation power and without power inside
• Less influenced by movement
• Less influenced by electrosurgical unit

Technical Specifications
 Fetal Heart Rate
 Transducer  Multi-crystals, pulsed doppler , high sensitively
 Strength  <5mW/㎠
 Working frequency  1.0MHz
 Signal processing  special DSP system and modern reorganization.
 Measurement range  50~210bpm
 Alarm Range
 High limit  160,170,180,190bpm
 Low limit  90,100,110,120bpm
 Maximum audio output power  1.5 Watt
 Measurement range  0~100 units
 The LCD displays FHR, TOCO, FM, maternal parameters, time, date, and volume, etc., It can store and playback the data.
 Power  Type8007
 - AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 8.4V Li-ION battery
 - AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 16.8V Lithum battery
 Power Consumption  < 20W
 Dimension  Type8007 : 295W×240D×73H(mm)
 Type8010 : 320W×350D×85H(mm)
 Net weight  Type8007: 1.75kg, Type8010: 3.5kg
 Environment(Working)  Temperature: +5℃ ~ +40℃
 Humidity: < 85%
 Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa
 Environment(Transport/storage)  Temperature: -10℃ ~ +55℃
 Humidity: < 93%
 Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa
 Transducer Acoustic Output
 Under the requirements laid down in IEC 1157, 1992, the peak negative acoustic pressure
 does not exceed 1Mpa. The output beam intensity does not exceed 20mW/㎠
 and the spatial-peak temporal-average intensity does not exceed 100mW/㎠
 Maternal SpO2 measure(option)
 Measure scope  70% ~ 99%
 Measure accuracy  ±3%
 Pregnant HR Measure(option)
 Measure scope  30bpm~240bpm
 Measure accuracy  ±2bpm
 NIBP measure(option)  a) NIBP-SYS (6.7~32.0Kpa)(50 ~ 240mmHg)
 b) NIBP-DIA (3.4~26.6Kpa)(25 ~ 200mmHg)
 c) NIBP-MEAN(2.0~24.0ka(15 ~ 180mmHg)
 NIBP Accuracy  ±1.1kPa(±8mmHg)or ±5% of the results, take the bigger one.
 Maximum Mean error  ±5mmHg
 Maximum Standard deviation  8mmHg
 Pulse Rate Accuracy  Maximum Mean error : ±2bpm
 Measure accuracy  ±2bpm or ±5% of the results, take the bigger one.
 Measure mode  Manual
 CMRR:  ≥90dB
 Heart Rate Measurement and Alarm Range  15-300bpm
 Accuracy  ±1bpm
 Heart Rate Average  8 beats
 Lead Selection  II
 Input  5-lead ECG cable
 Sweep Speed  25 mm/s
 Amplitude Selection  x1/4, x1/2, x1, x2, x4
 Frequency Response:
 Monitoring  0.5 to 35Hz (+0.4dB, 3.0dB)
 Defibrillation Protection  5kV test 
 Recovery Time Following Defibrillation  Less than 5 seconds
 Measurement and Alarm Limit  0-50°C
 Probe  Skin surface
 Unit  Celsius/Fahrenheit
 Accuracy  ±0.1°C(25°C ~45°C), ±0.2°C(0°C ~25°C or 45°C ~50°C)
 Resolution  0.1℃
 Measurement Mode  Thoracic Impedance
 Respiration Rate  0-150 bpm
 Waveform Display Speed  25mm/s
 ※Contents and specification subjects change without notice